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Book: Continuous Delivery with Docker and Jenkins

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Book: Continuous Delivery with Docker and Jenkins
Book: Continuous Delivery with Docker and Jenkins

“Continuous Delivery with Docker and Jenkins” is a comprehensive book that explains the advantages of combining Jenkins and Docker to improve the continuous integration and delivery process of app development. Taking the lead-by-example approach, you can learn how to install and use Docker, set up Jenkins with agents, configure a continuous integration pipeline, implement acceptance testing using Docker Compose, set up configuration management with Ansine, cluster your application with Docker Swarm, and finally create a complete continuous delivery pipeline.
No matter if your role is DevOps, developer, or QE, you can take your skills to the next level. As an operational engineer, you can learn new technologies and see how they work in practice. No matter if you work on a green field project or if you have to maintain the legacy code, there is still a place for improvements in terms of automation. See how to do it right. As a developer, you can improve your approach to coding, see why feature toggle works better for continuous delivery and excessive branching may kill your ability to integrate on a daily basis. Read how you should start your project from creating a Jenkinsfile which leads all your further development. Read about databases and how they behave during the continuous delivery process. Read about clustering and the need for speed and high availability. As a QE, this book gives you all the information how to approach different tests: integration, acceptance, performance, scalability, and so on. It covers both the theory and the practice with the modern tools and frameworks.
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Rafał Leszko

Rafał Leszko

Software Engineer at Hazelcast

Rafał Leszko is a passionate software developer, trainer and speaker at international conferences (Devoxx Morocco, Voxxed Days Thessaloniki). He works as a contractor specializing in Java development, architecture design, clean code, continuous delivery, agile methodologies and team leading. He worked in a number of companies and scientific organizations: Google, CERN, AGH University, Luxoft and more.
As a trainer Rafał gives public and on-site courses on the following topics:
– Continuous Delivery: Jenkins, Docker and Spring Boot
– Build Microservice Architecture in One Day
– Functional Programming in Java 8
– Effective Java