Jenkins – Continuous Integration und Delivery

Quality Management, Jenkins
  • This is our Jenkins basic course.
  • The workshop takes two days.
  • The number of participants is limited to 7 persons.
  • The trainer is a certified Jenkins Engineer.

Continuous Integration and Delivery has become an integral part of modern and agile software development. Short release cycles, efficient quality assurance, stable and traceable deployments are the most important requirements and at the same time the greatest challenges.

The Jenkins CI Server as the most widely used tool for CI and CD can optimally support your processes and fulfill your requirements. Due to its large number of plugins, it can be extended seemingly indefinitely. The usage of agents allows a further dimension of flexibility and scalability.
How does it all fit together optimally? We will show you!

Main topics of the workshop:

  • Jenkins Installation and Configuration
  • Usage of Jenkins Jobs, Job Chains and Pipelines
  • Integration of Build, Test, Analysis and Deployment
  • Extension using Plugins, Scaling using Agents
  • Overview of Jenkins Administration and Security

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Reasons to take part in this workshop:

  • Sharpen understanding of Continuous Integration and Delivery
  • Strengthen experience in dealing with Jenkins
  • Get an overview of the features and extensions of Jenkins
  • Optimal setting and handling for your project environment

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Agenda – Jenkins Basics:

Day 1:

Continuous Integration and Delivery

  • Introduction, Concepts and Goals of Continuous Integration
  • From Continuous Delivery and Testing to Continuous Deployment
  • Methods and Tools in the area of CI & CD – an overview

The Jenkins CI Server

  • A little history, the basic concept and an overview about Jenkins
  • The installation, first configuration and handling of the Jenkins
  • Hints and best practices for configuration and using
  • Practical exercise – “We will setup our first Jenkins instance.”

Jenkins Jobs

  • Jenkins and Jenkins Jobs – an overview
  • Job parameter, trigger and the workspace
  • Use of SCM integration, build steps and post-build actions
  • Best practices and hints about Jobs and their configuration
  • Practical exercise – “Jenkins Jobs setting up, starting and maintaining.”

Day 2:

Jobs and Pipelines

  • Job chains and Jenkins Pipelines
  • Dealing with Jenkins Pipelines
  • Important plugins and their usage
  • Practical exercise “A Jenkins Pipeline will be create, configured and maintained.”

Extend the Jenkins with Plugins

  • Jenkins and their plugins eco system
  • Overview and handling of plugins incl. common best practices
  • Installation, update and maintenance of plugins
  • Case studies and best practices

Distribute the Jenkins with Agents

  • Overview about Jenkins build distribution
  • Types of Agents and their usage
  • Installation, configuration and maintaining
  • Plugins that support distributed builds
  • Practical examples and best practices

Jenkins administration and security

  • The central Jenkins configuration
  • Jenkins updates and backups
  • Security, rules and rights
  • Hardening of the Jenkins environment

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