Efficient Continuous Integration and Delivery

with Jenkins Pipeline-As-Code and Jenkins Blue Ocean

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Migration to Jenkins Pipeline and Jenkins Blue Ocean:

Your Jenkins Continuous Integration and Delivery environment is constantly growing and becoming more complex due to new functional and technical challenges. Jenkins jobs, job chains and pipeline scripts are becoming increasingly confusing and therefore more difficult to maintain. In order to sustainably provide a portable and stable build, test and deployment environment for your projects and your enterprise, refactoring is urgently needed. New concepts such as Pipeline-as-Code, pipeline libraries and declarative pipeline can help you meet these new and future requirements.

At Comquent, we help you design, implement, and migrate your Jenkins build, test, and deployment pipelines. We consult you and show you how to keep your continuous integration and delivery environments maintainable, stable and future-oriented.

Btw .: Have you ever thought about the automated testing of the pipeline itself?

Jenkins Pipeline and Jenkins Blue Ocean in the Cloud:

Are your applications already running successfully in cloud environments, or are you looking to run your IT systems in cloud environments in the future? Your applications, systems and data are to be highly available, fail-safe and scalable, therefore cost-efficient. You need a viable continuous delivery environment to meet current and future requirements.

At Comquent, we help you design, develop and operate a Continuous Integration and Delivery environment to power your cloud IT systems. It does not matter if you continuously supply your environments with the current, quality-assured software version or if you deploy your development environment completely in the Cloud. With efficient and sustainable Quality Assurance, Test Automation and Continuous Delivery, we support Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud or other cloud technologies.

Our services:

  • Conceptual design, Implementation and Introduction of a Continuous Integration and Delivery Platform with Jenkins CI Pipeline technologies.
    Your requirements are our challenge.
  • Customization, Optimization and Maintenance of your existing Continuous Integration and Delivery environment. We help you migrate to modern Jenkins Pipeline and Jenkins Blue Ocean applications.
    From Jobs and Job chains to Jenkins Pipelines and Blue Ocean.
  • Migration of your Build- and Delivery-Landscape in modern Cloud Environments.
    Among others, we support Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure.
  • Consulting, Coaching as wells as Individual design and implementation of Workshops and Trainings.
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Who are we?

Comquent is a team of graduate computer scientists and engineers with decades of experience in Software Engineering, DevOps, and Continuous Integration and Delivery. As developers, consultants, coaches and trainers we work on projects of different sectors such as e-Commerce, Logistics, Banking, Automotive and Education.

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Showcase 1 … CI and CD for an e-Commerce Marketplace Project


Design, Implementation, and Maintainance of a Continuous Integration and Delivery Pipeline for an e-Commerce Marketplace Solution. The build and test environment were implemented at the operator’s premises. The operation and the test automation took place at an external hosting service provider.


  • Implementation: Java, Spring Framework, SAP Hybris
  • Build: Ant, Maven, JUnit, Artefactory
  • CI: Jenkins Jobs and Job chains
  • Ansible, Vagrant, Selenium, Robotframework

Showcase 2 … Integration of CI&CD in a Central Config Management System


A Jenkins Pipeline environment serves as an extended workbench for a centralized Configuration Management Tool. There, the managed Software, Versions and Environments are quality-assured, traceable and fully automated via the Continuous Delivery System.


  • Java, Ant, Maven, Shell
  • Jenkins Pipeline as Code, Groovy
  • Tibco, Software AG, proprietary Frameworks

Showcase 3 … Continuous Integration and Delivery with Jenkins in Amazon AWS Cloud


The test and production environment of a new platform of a training service provider is to be operated in the cloud. Jenkins, Pipeline Scripts, and Jenkins Cloud Automation are responsible for Quality Assurance, provisioning, and deployment to these environments.


  • Java, Spring Framework, Spring Boot, Microservices
  • Maven, Docker, Selenium
  • Jenkins Pipeline, Groovy, Amazon AWS