Software Quality Management

Software Quality Management with Comquent means quality during development, aimed at steadying and sustainably increasing software efficiency


For the development and operation of complex software and IT-systems, professional quality management is an integral part/component.

Comquent supports tailored design, continuous monitoring and steady optimization of your quality assurance processes.

The goal is to efficiently anchor Quality Assurance during the entire development lifecycle (from design to start of operation). Consequently, the integration of existing requirements, development and integration processes plays a significant role.

Our Tasks:

  • Analysis and evaluation of your existing quality management
  • Conceptual design and implementation of a quality management process in accordance with your requirements/conditions, as well as the integration into existing development processes
  • Introduction and integration of methods and tools in order to support the quality management process
  • Consulting, coaching and training of staff
  • Operative support as QA-Manager or Leader of Quality Assurance