Jenkins Pipeline – The Expert Workshop

Jenkins Pipeline – The Expert Workshop
  • This is our Jenkins basic course.
  • The workshop takes two days.
  • The number of participants is limited to 7 persons.
  • The trainer is certified Jenkins Engineer.

You have first experiences with the Jenkins CI Server. And with the help of Jenkins Pipelines you are planning a decisive expansion of their continuous integration and delivery environment. This workshop will make your transition easier. The concept of Jenkins Pipelines (as Code) has significantly simplified Continuous Integration and Delivery.

Learn the basics of the Jenkins Pipeline. Get your first experience in scripted and declarative pipelines and get first-hand practical advice on how to use them.

Main topics of the workshop:

  • Pipeline structure and important commands
  • Scripted und declarative pipeline
  • File Handling, Error Handling, and Parallel Processing
  • Concept and usage of Shared Library
  • Best practices in the use of pipelines

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Course Outline – Jenkins Pipeline:

Die Jenkins Pipeline

  • Features des Jenkins 2
  • Groovy, Jenkins API und Plugins
  • Wichtige Sprachmittel der Pipeline
  • Pipeline Workspaces

Script Commands

  • sh, bat, powershell
  • Parameter und deren Anwendung
  • Beispiel und Übung

Sourcecode Checkout

  • SCM Anbindung in der Pipeline
  • Git, SVN, TFS
  • SCM Strategien und Jenkins
  • Beispiel und Übung

Parameters & Flow control

  • Pipeline Konfiguration, Trigger
  • Pipeline Parameter
  • Eingabe durch input
  • Pipelines verketten

File Handling

  • Wichtige und nützliche Sprachmittel
  • Austausch von Dateien
  • Archivieren von Artefakten
  • Beispiel und Übung

Error Handling

  • Eigenschaft und Zustand einer Pipeline
  • error und catchError
  • try / catch / finally
  • Best practices und Übung


  • Das Schlüsselwort parallel
  • parallel im code oder als Variable
  • Verteilung über Nodes
  • Best practices und Übung


  • Motivation der Nebenläufigkeit
  • lock und Lockable Ressources
  • Milestones
  • Beispiel und praktische Übung

Shared Library

  • Arten von Libraries und deren Anwendung
  • Libraries im Jenkins konfigurieren
  • Libraries in der Pipeline verwenden
  • Beispiel und best practices
  • Praktische Übung

Pipeline Architektur und best practices

  • Pipelines im großen und komplexen Umgebungen
  • Best practices und Zusammenfassung

Public Trainings:

We carry out the training in our offices or at the premises of one of our partners. In addition to the seminar and practical exercises we offer:

  • Training material
  • Drinks, Fruits and Snacks
  • Lunch and Coffee Breaks
  • Certificate of Completion

In-house Course:

This training can be tailored to your requirements and/or your team’s or company’s needs.

Contact us and ask for your preferable Training’s Date. We will be pleased to make you an offer.

Individual Coaching:

Do you want one of our trainers and consultant for a private coaching? This is feasible and gives you the chance to fine-tune the training to your requirements and needs.

For a special offer including your desired date, please contact us!