Quality Management, Docker

Workshop Length:

  • 2 Days

Target Groups:

  • Developers
  • DevOps
  • People responsible for CI/CD


  • Development experience
  • Revision Control,
  • Knowledge of Build Process
  • Deployment and Testing

Docker Workshop

Docker and containers have drastically changed the way we develop and deploy applications. Mastering containers is a must, in order to better utilize available resources and make your applications more portable against different providers and infrastructure.

It’s only natural to start deploying containers in production and this imposes a major shift in the way you manage, monitor and debug those applications. At the core of every containerized infrastructure, there are the same concepts, principles and best-practices. During the training, participants will be introduced to the dos and don’ts of a containerized infrastructure, using Docker Swarm as the actual, hands-on orchestrator example.

The trainings are being conducted by an external partner of Comquent and can take place by appointment at the client’s location or in Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich or Thessaloniki (Greece)!

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Docker Day

  • “What is Docker”
  • Ecosystem
  • VM vs. Container
  • Creating your first Docker container from image
  • Cleaning up images and containers
  • Selecting the right base image
  • Best practices
  • Storing and retrieving Docker images from Docker Hub
  • Interacting with Docker hub
  • Docker volumes
  • Volumes on host machines
  • Best practice on how to deal with volumes
  • Multi-stage builds
  • Container security
  • Deploying applications with Docker
  • Orchestration by docker-compose
  • Creating a native network

Kubernetes Day

  • Introduction to Kubernetes
  • Namespaces, Pods, and Deployments
  • Service Discovery and Load-balancing
  • Rolling out updates
  • Configuration and Secrets
  • Persistent Storage
  • Networking and Ingress
  • Helm Package Manager
  • Kubernetes Internals

Public Trainings:

We carry out the training in our offices or at the premises of one of our partners. In addition to the seminar and practical exercises we offer:

  • Trainings Documents
  • Drinks, Fruits and Snacks
  • Lunch and Coffee Breaks
  • Certificate of Completion

Inhouse Courses:

This training can be tailored to your requirements, your team or company.

Talk to us and call us a Wuschtermin. We will be pleased to make you an offer.

Individual Coaching:

You want one of our trainers and consultants for you alone? This is can be done and offers the possibility to respond entirely to your requirements and needs.

Talk to us and tell us your preferred Training’s Date. We will be pleased to make you an offer.

For a special offer including the desired date, please contact us!